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Cementing Tools

Whirl Bow-spring Casing Centralizer

Structure feactures: Bow-springs and finlike whirl steels fitting the requirements are adopted. Finlike whirl steels are fixed on bows of bow-springs in the manner of right-hand rotation or left-hand rotation. The centralizer fit the most casings and wellbores specified in the standard API 10D. Whirl steels are heat treated spring ...

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245x311single bow type casing bow-spring centralizer

Whirl-Resistant Float Collar and Float Shoe and Whirl-Resistant Plug

Specifications: 5″, 51/2″, 7″, 95/8″, etc. Thread :STC/LTC/BTC/FOX/TP-CQ/TP-NF/TP-FJ/WSP -1T(2T, 3T, 4T)

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Whirl-resistant float coll

Whirl-Resistant Self-Locking Plug

Whirl-resistant self-locking plugs are used with whirl-resistant self-locking float collars.Their length is longer than general casing plugs,they can be set in ordinary single plug cement head. We can manufacture according to the user’s special request.

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Whirling Float Shoe and Collars

Specifications: 5″, 51/2″, 7″, 95/8″,etc. Thread :STC/LTC/BTC/FOX/TP-CQ/TP-NF/TP-FJ/WSP/WSP-1T/WSP-2T,etc.

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Roller Whirling float shoe