Kingland Global Trading, Inc.

2000HP Drilling Rig


Basic parameters of ZJ70/4500D(DB) electrical driven rig are in compliance with international general requirements of 2000HP rig.The major components are in accordance with API Spec.and meet the requirements of drilling technology.The rig is safe and reliable.

Features are as follows:

  • Stepless speed regulation of drawworks,rotary table,and mud pump is realized because of adopting SCR(VFD)full digital electrical control system in the rig,thus obtaining a better drilling performance.
  • Modular design is applied for ease of handling and transportation.
  • The wire rope for the mast and substructure is reeved only once.The swing-lift substructure is continuously raised with power of the drawworks.The equipment on the drill floor is raised together with the substructure in one step.
  • The rotary table is run by an independent drive.The table and its drive are INDEP modules for ease of assembly/dis-assembly and transportation.
    The drawworks is grooved.The collision avoidance systems(over-spool,weight,and digital display)are available.
  • VARCO or Beishi Top drive is available.Iron Roughneck and man-rider winch are also available.