Kingland Global Trading, Inc.

2500HP Drilling Rig

  • Advanced mains supply and power compensation technology is adopted in the rig,thus acquiring higher power factor and power-saving/environment protection.
  • High-pressure mud circulating system is available.The working pressure of swivel,mud pump,and drilling fluid manifold is 7500PSI(52MP).
  • The drawworks is designed as per 3000HP to have larger hoisting speeds and higher efficiency.
  • The hydraulic disc brake is regarded as main brake of drawworks and DS80 eddy current brake as auxiliary brake.An auto feed driller with motor is available.
  • ZP375H rotary table with large torque is available.The rotary table and its drive are modularly designed for ease of assembly/disassembly and moving.
    The wire line for mast and substructure is reeved only once.The substructure is of swing-lift type and raised continuously with power of drawworks.The equipment on the drill floor is raised to position together with the substructure.
  • The rig is modularly designed for ease of lifting and moving.