Kingland Global Trading, Inc.

3000HP Drilling rig


ZJ90/6750D DC motor driven ultra-deep rig is designed according to maximum static load of 6750kN,5 1/2” DP,and depth range of 9000m. Self-innovating technology is applied for the rig.The key components are home made.

Features are as follows:

  • Advanced mains supply and power compensation technology is adopted in the rig,thus acquiring higher power factor and power-saving/environment protection.
  • High-pressure mud circulating system is available.The working pressure of swivel,mud pump,and drilling fluid manifold is 7500PSI(52MP).
    The drawworks is designed as per 3000HP to have larger hoisting speeds and higher efficiency.
  • The drawworks is installed at ground level.The hydraulic disc brake is regarded as main brake and DS90 eddy current brake as auxiliary brake.An auto feed driller with motor is available.
  • ZP375H rotary table with large torque is available and run through two-gear gear reducer.
  • The mast and substructure adopts a new swing-lift type and is raised through A-frame with power of drawworks.The equipment on the drill floor is raised to position together with the substructure.
  • The rig is modularly designed for ease of lifting and moving.