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Cylinder 2

Made of special materials (FGM) with advanced technology, it is a kind of low price and high performance cylinder——-metal ceramic cylinder. At present, it is mainly used in oil mud pump industry.

The product is and well known by strong impact resistance, wear resistance,corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life, stable performance.At the same time, convenient installation, reduce cost, shorten working time.

  1. Average life expectancy is about 6–10 times of the double metal cylinder liner of mud pump.
  2. Higher reliability than the ceramic liner.
  3. High hardness of HRC67 ~ HRC70.
  4. Internal surface roughness up to less than 0.1, far higher than that of the ceramic and double metal cylinder surface finish 0.4.
  5. Bonding strength is greater than 110Mpa’s metallurgical combination.
  6. The friction coefficient is 0.090, far below the double metal and ceramic, has better life and matching.with the dual rubber.
  7. Do not change the existing installation procedure of the double metal cylinder on mud pump.
  8. Metal ceramic compressive strength &≧2000Mpa.
  9. Flexural strength of delta &bb≧ 1000Mpa.
  10. Acid and alkali resistance: PH1.0 ~ 14.