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Flushby Rig

Flushby Rig

The Next Generation Workover& Service Machine

The flushby rig is multifunctional equipment mainly used for well flushing and sand washing in thick oil well, and performing quick workover service of shallow/thick oil well. It is the next generation of service machine that outperforms service unit, pump truck and crane truck working together. The equipment can service wells slanted more than 45’’ with a rated load of 15-25 tons.


  1. Flushby rig can substitute the crane, flush truck, pump truck in sand washing work of heavy oil well in rotary screw pump type. It can also work as a light and efficient small workover rig. It is a true all in one complex unit.
  2. The mast is equipped with long diagonal draw bar to open and shut automatically, which makes the rig not only facilitate horizontal drilling, but also function on a well slanted at a 45 degree angle.