Kingland Global Trading, Inc.

Oil Recovery Truck


The Best Mobile Pumping Unit

The oil recovery truck is also known as Mobile Pumping Unit or Oil Bailing Rig, which is designed for recovering oil from wells that do not fit to build oil pipelines, e.g.shallow well,edge well etc. Valued as the substitution for ordinary oil pumping units , our Oil Recovery Truck is renowned in all major oil fields in China and has been exported to
Middle East, Africa. and South America.


  1. Perfect substitution of oil pumping unit for shallow well and heavy oil .
  2. Broad application for shallow well /edge well /heavy oil.
  3. Flexible design: front/ back aligned; manual / air control for the rope guide of the drum.
  4. Easy operation :the shifter, rope guide and operating system are centralized in the operating cab.
  5. Environment friendly: the sealing device of the wellhead is controlled by the manual hydraulic pump.