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Single Plug casing Cement Head, Double plug casing cement head, Drill Pipe Cement Head

Single Plug casing Cement Head

Single plug casing cement head: 5″,51/2″,65/8″,7″,75/8″,95/8″,103/4″,133/8″,143/8″
Double plug casing cement head: 5″,51/2″, 7″, 95/8″,103/4″,133/8″
Drill pipe cement head: 27/8″,31/2″,5″,51/2″.
Thread types: STC/LTC/BTC/FOX/TP-CQ/TP-NF/TP-FJ/WSP -1T(2T, 3T, 4T)etc.Design and manufacture according to the user’s request